I Ate Thanksgiving Dinner with My Identity Thief for 19 Years

Nineteen a minute: That’s how quickly people become identity theft victims in the U.S. Estimates vary, but somewhere between 10 and 16 million Americans are defrauded each year in this way. Thanksgiving can be an awkward time of year for some victims, since family members account for more than 30% of the identity thieves….


Sony Struggles to Fight Hackers Who Claim Stolen Data Includes Stars’ IDs, Budget and Contract Figures

The situation at Sony Pictures Entertainment is more dire than the studio has allowed to be known, as the fifth day of hackers taking down the studio’s computer system continues though a threat to release private information has not materialized.

The studio has taken as much of its functions offline as possible, and managed to get payroll out as well as sustain DVD sales. But as of Friday the studio’s email, phone system and computers remained paralyzed, and in some cases staffers were using whiteboards to get things done. The studio’s Twitter accounts have also been hacked….


Imagine fighting for your life because you’re the victim of medical identity theft

Imagine you’re rushed to the hospital while unconscious. As the doctor in the emergency room assesses your condition, she quickly reviews what she believes to be your medical record on file at the hospital. The doctor reads that during a previous admission you indicated you’re not allergic to the medication she believes will be most beneficial for your current diagnosis. Relying on the prior medical record, the doctor administers that drug which – in reality – you’re severely allergic to.

Unknown to you and the doctor, someone previously stole your identity for the purpose of receiving medical treatment without paying and created a false medical record.

The result? You’re fighting for your life because you’re the victim of medical identity theft….


Experts: Russian hackers targeting military secrets

The Russian government is likely behind an elite team of hackers targeting European security organizations and U.S. defense contractors, according to a tech firm.

The Russian group, unlike Chinese-backed hackers, isn’t lifting intellectual property or stealing financial data. It’s solely collecting military and security secrets — intelligence that would only be useful to a government….


Chinese Cyber Attack Could Shut Down U.S. Electric Power Grid

Welcome to the increasingly dangerous world of cyber-warfare. The latest nightmare; a western intelligence agency of unknown origin (according to the Financial Times of London) is infecting the internet service providers and sovereign telecoms operations of Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mexico and Ireland. To what end is not known, though the cyber security company Symantec calls the malware extremely sophisticated.

Then, there are the criminal elements, who have been hacking into the credit card details of JP Morgan Chase (76 million customers’ names), and retailers like Home Depot, Target and EBay. Or the attempts going on by neer-do-well nations to break down the control of energy plants and factories, at times by criminal elements….


Spam spreads faster and to more people when it is sent out of hacked or compromised email accounts

“Spammers often use hacked accounts to spread spam.”

Spam spreads faster and to more people when it is sent out of hacked or compromised email accounts, research shows. Traditionally, spam contains ads for fake and counterfeit products but now it also contains disruptive rumors and political information.

Hacked accounts were more aggressive in sending spam generated automatically by malware than individually propagated spam….


Before you hit the mall, clean out your wallet of unnecessary receipts, ATM cards, and credit cards

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, it’s important to be ready to protect yourself and your identity from scammers and fraudsters waiting to pounce — whether in crowded malls or the online marketplace. The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), in fact, reports increased activity in its call center during the first three months of the year, likely a result of identity theft issues that originated during the busy holiday shopping season.

Here are tips to keep yourself safer….


Automakers Aim to Drive Away Car Computer Hackers

Against the team of hackers, the poor car stood no chance.

Meticulously overwhelming its computer networks, the hackers showed that – given time – they would be able to pop the trunk and start the windshield wipers, cut the brakes or lock them up, and even kill the engine.

Their motives were not malicious. These hackers worked on behalf of the U.S. military, which along with the auto industry is scrambling to fortify the cyber defenses of commercially available cars before criminals and even terrorists penetrate….


Your online reputation never disappears

A natural byproduct of our 140-character driven world is that everything is always old news. By the time the next tweet or Facebook post appears, we have forgotten the last one. Our online reputation, on the other hand, never disappears, making digital reputation a permanent, if often inaccurate, representation of that character.

The lesson here is that you must cultivate your online reputation….