Why Anthem is the worst breach yet, and how we could protect everybody if we cared

Even though there are lots of great, critical posts and news pieces about the Anthem breach, they haven’t come close enough to this truth: Anthem may be the worst breach we’ve ever seen, and it is in any event a wake-up call to our health care system, our government and every sector of our economy that has not rethought identity protection, because it will be followed by more and more similarly dangerous breaches that make the credit card breaches of the last few years look like nothing, not to mention the even more serious breaches of the critical infrastructure and the internet of things in our homes.

Let’s imagine you were a very sophisticated national government wanting to do harm to the US through cybercrime against personal information….


Cybercriminals use these (free) tools to steal millions of dollars

Each month reports are being published which provide information about breaches that allowed the theft of financials or (classified) information.

The news states that these attacks are often successful because the cybercriminals use advanced tools to penetrate the networks of their targets, but if you take a good look, the criminals often use the same type of tools which you can find….


Know Thy Enemy: 7 Traits of Highly Successful Identity Thieves

Know your enemy. That’s always the key to any defense. Knowing how the most dangerous identity thieves are wired might help you take the risk more seriously, and understand that while many identity thefts might be crimes of opportunity, many others are well and carefully planned. Think about that the next time someone tells you that identity theft is really no big deal….


TurboTax rebuts massive cyber fraud allegations

TurboTax fought back on Monday against allegations it has been knowingly letting cyber crooks file false tax returns, making millions in the process.

“These allegations are without merit and are based on these individuals’ misunderstanding of the facts and their mischaracterization of our business,” said a TurboTax blog post.

Intuit — the company which manufactures the tax preparation software — is battling the criticism amid a reported broader spike in fraudulent tax filings that has caught the attention of Capitol Hill….


Facebook enlists Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and others to fight web threats together

Facebook is bringing together some of the biggest web companies to collaborate on stamping out security threats. It’s doing this through a platform.

So far, Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo, Pinterest, Dropbox, and Bitly are all working with ThreatExchange. The hope is that they’ll each share new information as they receive it, allowing each other to quickly prepare for or even prevent future attacks….