Making Credit Cards Unhackable

Credit card credentials are easy to obtain and difficult to secure. An unhackable credit card could be on the horizon, thanks to technology based on quantum computing….



Russia Wages All-Out Cyberwar Against Ukraine

Russia has hacked the White House, gained access to President Barack Obama’s emails, and even infiltrated into Pentagon’s network.

So, it’s little surprise that Moscow has been waging an all-out cyberwar against Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and military. According to a new report from….


The Army is in talks with “cyber effects” vendors

The Army is seeking the assistance of cyberattack tool sellers, joining a growing number of Pentagon entities aiming to amass advanced cyber capabilities.

A new market survey aimed at identifying suppliers is the third Defense Department document issued over the past month that points out a need to be able to execute “cyber effects.”

A cyber effect typically refers to a hack, disruption or other impact to an adversary’s network….


Oil & Gas Firms Hit By Cyberattacks That Forgo Malware

New spin on the ‘Nigerian scam’ scams crude oil buyers out of money with bait-and-switch. An unusual type of targeted attack underway for two years uses legitimate Windows file functions and a few homemade scripts – but no malware – to infiltrate companies in the oil and gas maritime transportation industry.

Researchers at Panda Labs first discovered the attack campaign early last year, which had slipped by antivirus software and hit around 10 companies since it launched in August of 2013. The attackers are stealing….


How To Keep NSA Computers From Turning Your Phone Conversations Into Searchable Text

“As soon as my article about how NSA computers can now turn phone conversations into searchable text came out on Tuesday, people started asking me: What should I do if I don’t want them doing that to mine?”

“The solution, as it is to so many other outrageously invasive U.S. government tactics….”


Starbucks customers who use mobile app targeted in hacking scheme

A warning to Starbucks customers to change their passwords: The coffee chain’s app and gift cards that are linked to credit cards are particularly at risk.

Starbucks says hackers get access by entering the correct password and draining the balance by transferring the money to another Starbucks gift card. When the balance hits zero, it automatically reloads because it’s attached to customers’ credit cards. And then it’s drained again….


For years, a Passport Agency contractor copied passport applicants’ data to create fake identities

A woman employed as a State Department contractor was indicted in Houston on Wednesday for an alleged identity theft scheme using personal information she stole while working at a passport office.

The contractor, Chloe McClendon, and two other women were charged “with multiple counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud and aggravated identity theft,” according to the Associated Press.

Since 2010, the defendants used the stolen names, addresses and Social Security numbers from people’s passports to create fake documents and used those identities to borrow money to purchase electronics, including iPhones and iPads….


Alert: Has your identity already been stolen? 3 warning signs to check now

Most ID theft victims don’t even realize their identity is stolen until weeks or months after the fact. That’s especially true if the thieves go after your investments or equity in your house. By the time you notice, it can take months with lots of paperwork and phone calls to recover, and you’ll lose an average of $1,400.

The faster you can catch identity theft, the easier it is to resolve. With that in mind, here are some things you can look for that are dead giveaways….