Biggest Cyber-Attack in History Sees Teen Sorry and Sentenced

It’s been described by the BBC as “THE BIGGEST CYBER ATTACK IN HISTORY”, a pretty big statement, but what does it mean? Most other categories of attack, certainly when being the largest of their kind, would surely result in the most insidious punishment our justice system has to offer (or rehabilitation…Whatever it is that gives our prisons purpose). But alas, teen hacker Seth Nolan Mcdonagh, was found reformed by the passing of remorseful, teenage summers, and has suffered a sentence in keeping with those dished out alongside ASBOs, clocking up a mere 240 hours of community service.

Now please don’t get me wrong, I’m not vexed by the lightness of his sentence, quite the contrary, I think he deserves no more, if not less. I do, however, think that the way the case was handled, and the subsequent sentence, is quite telling with regard to the line between crime and cyber-crime. Let’s compare; in the context of unlawful behaviour, having the label of ‘Biggest Attack in History’ slapped on…


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