Will 2015 see the first Big Data-related breach?

As practical applications for Big Data grow, and the amount of information managed by businesses of every size reaches astronomical proportions, the temptation for hackers to secure the prize of being the first to hack a Big Data installation will mount as well. In 2015, the first big Big Data-related data breach will occur….


Harvard Business Review: Why Health Care May Finally Be Ready for Big Data

There has been a lot of buzz about “big data” over the last few years. This is hardly surprising, given the sheer scale of the data sets that are being produced daily. A total of 2.5 quintillion terabytes of data were generated every day in 2012 alone, and it is estimated that as much data is now generated in just two days as was created from the dawn of civilization until 2003.

While other industries have been far more successful at harnessing the value from large-scale integration and analysis of big data, health care is just getting its feet wet.


6 Predictions For The $125 Billion Big Data Analytics Market in 2015

The big data and analytics market will reach $125 billion worldwide in 2015, according to IDC. Both IDC and The International Institute of Analytics (IIA) discussed their big data and analytics predictions for 2015 in separate webcasts yesterday. Here are the highlights:

1. Security will become the killer app for big data analytics….