American passivity in the face of Beijing’s cyberattack encourages more Chinese aggression

Two news stories out this week highlight just how weak the Obama administration’s policy toward China remains. A month after the Office of Personnel Management cyberattack, in which up to 25 million (and maybe more) Americans had their information stolen, including fingerprints, financial history, and other sensitive data, the White House has formally decided not to publicly blame China for the attack.

This is despite apparently overwhelming evidence that hackers from China were behind the devastating breach, the worst penetration to date (as far as we know) of U.S. government information. Worse, according to the news reports, is that China will get off scot-free, as the administration quails from retaliating in any way. In fact, the White House went ahead and held the annual…


The U.S. Data Breach Story Just Got MUCH Worse!

Data stolen from U.S. government computers by suspected Chinese hackers included security clearance information and background checks dating back three decades, U.S. officials said on Friday, underlining the scope of one of the largest known cyber attacks on federal networks….


2015 predictions: Cyber attacks aimed at critical infrastructure

2015 will be the year when attacks on critical infrastructure become mainstream. “We predict cyber inflicted power outages and irregularities in assembly operations at large manufacturing facilities will result from attacks on SCADA and ICS systems,” they say.

When it comes to threats from nation states, Russia will continue to use cyber-attacks as a political retaliation tool, and China will continue with cyber espionage aimed against the US, Japan, APAC countries and human rights activists. A new big player in this arena will be Pakistan, which “will expand its activities, mostly against India….


‘DeathRing’ Chinese Malware Found Pre-Installed On Several Smartphones

A new mobile Trojan horse has been discovered. It comes pre-loaded onto low-cost Chinese-made Android smartphones popular in Asia and Africa.

The trojan, dubbed DeathRing, is a Chinese Trojan that masquerades as a ringtone app and comes pre-installed. DeathRing malware app cannot be uninstalled or removed by the end user or by antimalware software….


Chinese Cyber Attack Could Shut Down U.S. Electric Power Grid

Welcome to the increasingly dangerous world of cyber-warfare. The latest nightmare; a western intelligence agency of unknown origin (according to the Financial Times of London) is infecting the internet service providers and sovereign telecoms operations of Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mexico and Ireland. To what end is not known, though the cyber security company Symantec calls the malware extremely sophisticated.

Then, there are the criminal elements, who have been hacking into the credit card details of JP Morgan Chase (76 million customers’ names), and retailers like Home Depot, Target and EBay. Or the attempts going on by neer-do-well nations to break down the control of energy plants and factories, at times by criminal elements….