College: A Playground for Hackers?

The recently detected cyberattacks at Pennsylvania State University may spell bad news for other colleges and universities, according to IT security experts. Hackers such as those that targeted Penn State don’t set their sights on individual institutions, but on entire industries.

“I don’t want to be the harbinger of doom, but usually when you see one breach, there’s more to follow,” said Ken Westin, a security analyst with the IT security company Tripwire. “Penn State is an indicator that there have been more breaches and there will be more breaches that are targeting similar kinds of information.”



U.S. Panel Aims to Shield Planes From Cyberattacks

U.S. aviation regulators and industry officials have begun developing comprehensive cybersecurity protections for aircraft, seeking to cover everything from the largest commercial jetliners to small private planes…


The Benefits and Security Risks of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing our everyday lives.

The term Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the interconnection of uniquely identifiable devices within the existing Internet infrastructure. In more simple terms, it’s an environment where Internet-connected devices and sensors communicate with each other to perform a designated task. The end result is automation, efficiency, safety, and convenience- just to name a few.

By 2020, the IoT ecosystem will expand to 212 billion connected ‘things’ and expected to be a $8.9 trillion market. So it’s no doubt IoT devices will integrate into our daily lives. But as consumers are increasingly drawn to the conveniences and benefits of IoT devices, most are unaware …


Hackers successfully ground 1,400 passengers in Poland

Hackers targeted air travel and successfully grounded around 1,400 passengers on Sunday.

The problems for passengers started at Warsaw Chopin airport after the airline says hackers breached its ground computers, which are used to issue flight plans. The grounded airline, LOT Polish Airways, told CNN because of the attack it was unable to create flight plans for outbound flights from its Warsaw hub and as a result outbound flights from Warsaw were not able to depart.

Poland’s national flag carrier says it was forced to cancel 20 flights and several others were delayed on Sunday after suffering an attack on its IT system.


A cybersecurity survival guide for small businesses

Perhaps the most important single thing that small businesses need to know about cyber threats right now is that cyber criminals are actively targeting smaller firms. This can be hard to imagine or accept. After all, the security breaches we hear about on the news involve big brand names, like Target, Home Depot, Sony Pictures, and Anthem.

The fact is, many breaches of smaller firms simply go unreported. There are many  business owners who are still wondering what on earth cyber criminals could want with their company’s computer systems and the data they handle. There are several answers to this….


Most companies take over six months to detect data breaches

New research suggests the average financial or commercial business faces multiple attacks per month — and it takes months for data breaches to be detected. Financial firms take an average of 98 days to detect a data breach and retailers can take up to 197 days, according to new research.

A new cybersecurity report conducted by…


Attack Gains Foothold Against East Asian Government Through “Auto Start”

East Asian government agencies came under siege when attackers targeted several servers within their networks. The said attackers, who showed familiarity and in-depth knowledge of their agencies’ network topology, tools, and software, were able to gain access to their targeted servers and install malware. After which, they used the compromised servers not only as gateways to the rest of the network but also as C&C servers. This particular attack has been active since 2014.

The attackers tried to maintain their presence in the network by modifying applications installed in the servers. Certain files in the said applications—mostly productivity, security, and system utility apps—were tampered to load malicious DLL files. The common denominator among these tampered apps is….


Data Of 1.1 Million Carefirst Users Stolen In Cyberattack

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, a non-profit healthcare company, said Wednesday that the data of about 1.1 million current and former customers had been comprised in a cyberattack.

“Evidence suggests that attackers could have potentially acquired member user names created by individuals to use CareFirst’s website, names, birth dates, email addresses and subscriber identification numbers,” the company said, in a statement on its website. The company also said it blocked member access to those accounts, and would offer two years of free credit monitoring and identity theft protection to those affected.

The attack comes after a spate of similar cyber security breaches at large companies in the United States….


25 tips to both prevent and manage a cyber attack

Cyber attacks and data breaches have become a daily threat to both individuals and businesses. The different types of cyber risks are seemingly limitless and it’s all but impossible to predict exactly how and when you or your business may become a target for cyber criminals.

Adding to the uncertainty is the reality that cyber threats are often difficult to identify and comprehend. Some cyber incidents take a long time (weeks, months or years) to be discovered and identified….