Was the Ashley Madison Database Leaked?

Many news sites and blogs are reporting that the data stolen last month from 37 million users of AshleyMadison.com — a site that facilitates cheating and extramarital affairs — has finally been posted online for the world to see. In the past 48 hours, several huge dumps of data claiming to be the actual AshleyMadison database have turned up online. But there are precious few details in them that would allow one to verify these claims, and the company….


Google struggles to fix security flaw on millions of Android phones

Researchers have found holes in the patch meant to fix a recent flaw that threatens hundreds of millions of Android phones.

“We believe we are likely not the only ones to have noticed it is flawed,” said security firm Exodus. “Others may have malicious intentions.”


Critical Flaw Found In ZigBee Smart Home Devices. Millions at Risk.

Security researchers have identified a critical vulnerability in devices using ZigBee, a wireless standard used for connectivity in multiple Internet of Things and smart home devices — raising the specter of hackers breaking into your smart home and doing what they like with your connected locks, alarm system and even controlling your lightbulbs.

Cognosec presented a paper at the Black Hat confab in Vegas today outlining a flaw in ZigBee implementations it said affects multiple device types, and asserting it’s possible for hackers to compromise ZigBee networks and “take over control of all connected devices on a network.”

“The practical security analysis of every device assessed showed that the solutions are designed for easy setup and usage but lack configuration possibilities for security and perform a vulnerable device pairing procedure that allows external parties to sniff the exchanged network key,” the researchers write.

“This represents a critical vulnerability, as the security of the solution is solely reliant on the secrecy of this network key.”


Cybersecurity Opponents Gird for Senate Floor Debate

The Senate will take up a cyber bill this week that already has critics promising a rigorous debate over what they say is little more than a surveillance measure dressed in the guise of cybersecurity legislation.

The bill’s sponsors have floated a managers’ amendment that would address at least some of the concerns expressed by privacy advocates, but one of the most vocal opponents of the legislation, Sen. Ron Wyden, said Monday the proposed changes don’t go far enough.


AntiVirus Firm BitDefender Hacked: Turns Out Stored Passwords Are UnEncrypted

Forget about Financial services and Online shopping websites, but at least we expect from Security Firms and Antivirus vendors to keep our personal and Sensitive data Encrypted and Secured.

One of the most popular and much-respected Antivirus and computer security firms ‘BitDefender’ has recently been hacked and has had a portion of its customer data leaked.

The Data Breach in BitDefender is incredibly embarrassing for the security firm….

Finally, After Cyber Attack, “Hacking Team” Founder Speaks Out

After weeks of silence, the day of truth has arrived. David Vincenzetti, the 47-year-old founder of the infamous Milanese technology firm Hacking Team, agreed to finally give his perspective on the devastating cyber attack on his company’s servers.

Hacking Team rose to prominence by producing Galileo, a suite of surveillance technologies that allow governments to intercept and decrypt data. More than 40 countries in the world use the product to infiltrate and monitor the communications of terrorists, traffickers and criminals. But the firm has attracted controversy for dealing with non-democratic clients — the governments of Sudan, Libya and…


Fatal Identity Theft

You have very likely read a story or seen a news segment recently regarding identity theft. Identity theft cost U.S. businesses and individuals more than $24 billion in 2012 and that figure is only going up.

When you hear or read about “identity theft” you probably first think about credit card or financial information being stolen. While this may be the largest component of loses from identity theft, it is not the only type. Driver’s License, Social Security Number, Criminal and Medical Identity theft are also types of theft. Medical Identity Theft is growing rapidly and the consequences could be fatal to an individual.


The seedy underworld of medical data trafficking

As more healthcare organizations are discovering to their woe, having direct access to patients’ personal health information puts a giant target on their backs for cyber thieves that traffic in stolen medical records. Medical data breaches are increasing in frequency and scope, with millions of Americans now victims of medical identity theft. Who are the criminals behind this digital era crime wave?

IBM research shows that the vast majority of cybercrime is highly organized and generating unprecedented profits, noting that the largest bank heist in history was $30 million compared to the annual $445 billion cost of cybercrime.