Cybersecurity was missing in action on Election Day

In the run-up to the recent election, there were many discussions of issues like the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), immigration, the Ebola virus and the Keystone XL pipeline, just to name a few. The one area missing from the pre-election dialogue: a serious discussion about cybersecurity.

Perhaps this was because discussions on cybersecurity can quickly turn into arcane discussions of technical and policy minutiae, and candidates are incessantly advised by their handlers not to provide detailed positions on anything — to eschew the minutae in favor of the time-tested political platitude. The bumper sticker slogan always beats the well-reasoned complex argument in American politics.

But the year was full of headlines detailing the latest cyber crimes. We still remember….


The scourge of Scamville: Romanian town is the cyber-crime capital of the world – where hundreds of fraudsters rake in millions from gullible online shoppers

Râmnicu Vâlcea has a booming cyber-crime industry with more than 100 gangs operating in the town of 127,000 people.

The bulk of scams are fraudsters offering fake goods for sale to online shoppers around the world, including the U.S., on websites like eBay.

Prosecutor says criminals like to launder their money through the UK. One hacker posed as an eBay worker and stole details of three million users.

Despite being a poor town, it boasts a Mercedes Benz dealership and….


The 12 scams of Christmas

What scams and schemes do you need to watch out for during the holiday season?

This year, cybercrime has evolved to new and more sophisticated levels — far beyond the days of phishing emails by “lawyers” who need to transfer millions of dollars to your account on behalf of a long-lost African uncle. So, what do you need to keep an eye out for as Christmas approaches?


You’d better watch out…T’is the season for scams

As consumers enter the height of the holiday shopping season, it’s a certainty that thieves will be lurking, searching for an angle to get their piece of the action. And while shoppers are a prime target, the crooks cast a wide net.

Be very leery of sites that offer name-brand products for less than anyone else. Steer clear of those that use the name of the product and “cheap” or similar words in the site name. Be sure to research any site that you haven’t successfully purchased from earlier. And don’t click on links in emails boasting of sites offering such deals.