Courts Restrict Ability of Customers and Employees to Sue Companies Following a Data Breach, But Risks of Other Liabilities Remain

Among the multitude of unpleasant issues facing a company whose network has been breached is potential liability to customers and employees whose personal information has been compromised.  However, recent district court decisions from around the country continue to limit the opportunity of those customers and employees to have their day in court.


Cyberattacks leave businesses wide open to lawsuits

The damage to both reputation and finances caused by a security breach or cyberattack would put fear into the heart of any business owner — even before thinking about the potential lawsuits and fines that could follow.

Yes, failure to secure your systems means irate customers whose finances were compromised or identities stolen are well within their rights to sue you. And if you are a US-based company, class actions by angry shareholders are an ever-increasing reality.


Bank of American promotes chip card technology as ‘extra protection for your credit and debit cards’

B of A: “Easy to use…added layer of security…Accepted everywhere…No extra cost.”

NOTE: believes that Chip-and-PIN technology is preferred to Chip-and Sign, and much preferred to the Swipe-and-Sign technology currently in wide use in the United States. But encourages the development of the even safer technology known as Quantum Encryption.


ID thieves love the holidays, so businesses and consumers beware

If you want to help ensure a happy holiday season — whether you own a business or are a consumer — it’s time to boost your Identity Theft Aptitude because identity-theft criminals are especially active from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve.

Businesses — and really all of us — will be prime targets for deceit and deception by ID-theft criminals during the busiest selling season of the year.

To help you grow your Identity Theft Aptitude, I’ve assembled a checklist of tips to help you reduce your risk of identity theft and fraud….