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This site is intended to provide educational information and news on cyber theft, hacking, identity theft and related subjects. To do that, the site has links to articles on other sites, The publisher of this site is not engaged in rendering general or specific legal, medical, financial, or other professional advice or services. If expert assistance is required, please seek the services of a competent professional.

The publisher has endeavored to link to accurate articles. The links to the original articles are for readers’ further reference. The information should be used only as a general guide, however, as the publisher cannot guarantee that this information is free of typographical or content errors.

The publisher claims no rights to or authorship of the articles. The publisher has no ownership of or copyright to the articles and items that may be accessed through the links or for the brief introductory comments describing the articles.

By accessing this site or any area of this site, users are deemed to have agreed to hold the site and the publisher free of any and all liability for errors or omissions, of any kind.

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