Dissemination of Information in the Cyber Age

Traditionally, most organizations that took part in offensive and defensive operations from a combatant perspective kept vulnerability information within the confines of a need-to-know classification structure. Yet, the concept becomes reversed when dealing with vulnerability information regarding cyber systems. Any individual with access to the Internet can search for these vulnerabilities and find a….


U.S. pulls spies from China after cyber attack

USA director of national intelligence James Clapper has said the U.S. government has yet to figure out exactly who was behind a devastating attack on its government employee vetting department earlier this year.

The Central Intelligence Agency pulled a number of officers from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing as a precautionary measure in the wake of the massive cybertheft of the personal data of federal employees, current and former USA officials said.

While the “common understanding” reached between the USA and China during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit last week shows progress, many have cast doubt on the impact it will really have in protecting the U.S.in the ever-changing cyberspace landscape.

China is not the only country to conduct these types of attacks, though it has acted on a much larger scale.


Visualising the invisible: An invisible but vast war zone created by cyberattacks

Is this where we live?

Every month, it seems, a mammoth cyberattack sponsored by a nation state comes to light. In recent years, more than 20 countries have announced their intent to launch or beef up their offensive cyber capabilities. The result is a burgeoning digital arms race that presents a major threat to the security of our data.

But they are very late to the game…


Scared yet? This graphic shows all the ways your car can be hacked

Here’s what cutting-edge technology has brought us: The increase in automobiles armed with internet-connected technology has opened the door for hacking looking to get into our cars – remotely.

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of chips and processors used in computers has some ideas about the best ways for automakers to safeguard cars against cyber attacks.


Pentagon is building a system that instantly detects security breaches

The Department of Defense wants to be able to combat cyberattacks before hackers get the chance to steal sensitive files and employees’ data, as well as access the country’s weapons systems. The only way the Pentagon can do that is to be more proactive in dealing with its computers’ and networks’ vulnerabilities.

That’s why it’s building an electronic system that can help them prioritize those flaws, according to how much threat they pose. While data entry will initially be done by hand, the military envisions its final form as an automated system that can instantly detect infiltration attempts and notify cyber response teams to stop them before they can wreak havoc.


This Facebook extortion scam is too horrifying for words

A Michigan man will spend the next 21 years in jail and 10 more years on probation after being convicted of one of the worst, most disgusting Internet crimes I’ve ever heard of. His terrible crime spree may be over, but someone else could use this scheme against your children or grandchildren.

James S. Allen, a 38-year-old from New Baltimore, was convicted of production of child pornography and cyberstalking after his elaborate online scheme.


6 Password Tips to Protect Against Business and Identity Theft

Ah, those pesky passwords. If you work in the corporate world or in an office, you have one for your PC/Network and, unless there is a password synchronization application that combines them, you probably have more than one for other applications. Add those to the ones that you have for your home Internet, your banking and other websites that require passwords, and before you know it you have a nightmare on your hands in trying to manage them. How easy a target are you for business and identity theft?

Part of the frustration has to do with the different requirements for password formatting. Some systems only require four characters, some require eight. Some need a combination of alpha and numeric characters and…


Why is it that identity theft and data breaches will only get worse?

To make things even more scary, hackers are now able to obtain a vehicle identification number (VIN) and resell it without hardly a trace. It’s also recently been reported in the news that some new car wireless control systems are being hacked into, which can cause serious accidents and even death.

Many stores now put “chips” in their credit cards that hold each consumer’s non-public information.

While we tend to think technology makes our lives easier, however, many companies are missing the mark in making sure that these devices are secure from thieves in the first place. Only more victims and time will tell the whole story as to how bad this problem will get.