Pakistan wants to launch cyber war on India

Pakistan has declared a proxy war on India, Intelligence Bureau officials say. While Pakistan intends to continue with cross border firing and infiltrations in a bid to carry out terror strikes, a new alert suggests a cyber war is being considered.The cyber wing of the Intelligence Bureau has warned that government websites could be hacked by the Pakistan Cyber Army in the ongoing proxy war against India.



Cybersecurity Opponents Gird for Senate Floor Debate

The Senate will take up a cyber bill this week that already has critics promising a rigorous debate over what they say is little more than a surveillance measure dressed in the guise of cybersecurity legislation.

The bill’s sponsors have floated a managers’ amendment that would address at least some of the concerns expressed by privacy advocates, but one of the most vocal opponents of the legislation, Sen. Ron Wyden, said Monday the proposed changes don’t go far enough.


More than a third of employees would sell their company’s data

A Loudhouse survey on enterprise security practices reveals that 35 percent of employees would sell information on company patents, financial records and customer credit card details if the price was right. This illustrates the growing importance for organizations to deploy data loss prevention strategies and technology….


“I truly believe that the upper management of most large corporations and most bureaucrats, directors and politicians within our world governments do not understand this basic truth of the cyber world.”

Three major American corporations suffered technical difficulties at the same time, in what Wired has called a cyber armageddon.

The New York Stock Exchange claimed the problem that caused a halt to stock trading for more than three hours was an “internal technical issue” and “not the result of a cyber breach,” while the Department of Homeland Security told CNN there is “no sign of malicious activity” at the NYSE, or in the earlier outage experienced by United Airlines.

Security experts, including the controversial McAfee expert and an anonymous “Intel analyst,” however, are not so sure.

John McAfee published an article on SiliconANGLE detailing his suspicions and surface research, arguing that:

“To determine whether a system as large as the one used by the NYSE has been hacked or not, cannot possibly be determined in a matter of hours. Every programmer, every systems engineer and every employee of an IT department in the world understands…”


Legislative Advising & Thought Leadership Initiatives – Expertise Needed

Who is ICIT?  ICIT is a non-partisan think tank whose Fellows provide objective advisory to the legislative community and collaborate with federal agency leaders on the country’s most pressing technology and cybersecurity issues related to critical infrastructure sectors including government, healthcare, finance, energy, and critical manufacturing.

What does ‘Advising’ Mean?  Policy makers need access to objective, trusted expertise in order to make the strong policy decisions.  ICIT’s briefings, one-on-one meetings and workshops are a conduit between technology and critical infrastructure providers (you) and policy makers, providing the legislative community and federal agencies the expertise they need.


Is the White House Skirting Governmentwide Cybersecurity Rules?

The White House’s Executive Office of the President hasn’t submitted reports detailing compliance with federal cybersecurity rules for the past three years, according to a letter to President Obama written by the chairmen of two Senate committees with oversight of federal technology efforts.

The apparent lack of annual reporting is even more striking considering the White House’s unclassified computer networks were breached by hackers in the fall, purportedly from Russia, leading to temporary outages as officials worked to suppress malicious activity.


Report: Sony cyberattack was pretty much all Sony’s fault

Last November, Sony Pictures Entertainment became the victim of one of the largest cyberattacks in U.S. history, with a group calling itself Guardians Of Peace infiltrating the company’s networks, stealing terabytes of data, and then wiping it from the system. The attack was a massive blow for the company, knocking its communication technology back to the fax machine, rendering it a public laughingstock, and ruining….