Small businesses present a huge, unreported opportunity for hackers

It often seems like a week can’t pass without news breaking of a data breach at a retailer, government agency, or health insurer. But how many other breaches go unreported — or even unnoticed?

Large companies have systems that warn them about data breaches. Alarms went off when hackers stole at least 40 million credit cards from Target; it simply decided to ignore all the warnings. And of course the government knows — at least part of the time — when its systems have been compromised. (Repelling the attackers or learning not to open spam emails is another story entirely.)

Yet small businesses don’t often have access to the same systems. Some of that might be chalked up to their technical ignorance. it might also be caused by the belief that no one would bother to steal….


A cybersecurity survival guide for small businesses

Perhaps the most important single thing that small businesses need to know about cyber threats right now is that cyber criminals are actively targeting smaller firms. This can be hard to imagine or accept. After all, the security breaches we hear about on the news involve big brand names, like Target, Home Depot, Sony Pictures, and Anthem.

The fact is, many breaches of smaller firms simply go unreported. There are many  business owners who are still wondering what on earth cyber criminals could want with their company’s computer systems and the data they handle. There are several answers to this….


6 Digital Spring Cleaning Tools for Small Businesses

Most people think of dusting and organizing as part of a deep clean, but decluttering digitally is just as—if not even more—important. Businesses collect and store valuable customer data, and managing and disposing of it securely and responsibly is key in building trust.

Here are some great free tools, guides and ….


Is Your Small Business Risking a Cyber Attack?

More than nine out of 10 small business owners cite cybersecurity as a concern. This is not an unfounded fear: Half of them report they’ve already suffered a cyber attack, with 61 percent of those attacks taking place in the last 12 months.

What happened as a result of the attack? A service interruption was the most common problem, followed by the business website going down. In addition, 19 percent had either their business credit cards or bank account hacked….