Will you be a victim of digital pickpockets? Hacker reveals how easy it is to steal credit card numbers in seconds while you still have them in your hand

A new breed of digital pickpocket has been discovered lurking in stations and shopping centres.

They come armed with technology that can effortlessly steal credit and debit card details without so much as touching your wallet.

Standing just six inches (15cm) away, these criminals use radio-frequency identification….



IoT’s dark side: Hundreds of unsecured devices open to attack

A self-described security “amateur” discovered hundreds of Internet-connected devices ranging from cameras to industrial control systems that were connected to the Internet without even basic password protection — meaning they could be easily turned on and off or otherwise manipulated with a single click of a mouse.

“You would be amazed [what] you could find….”


Is Uber’s Android app literally malware?

The popular ride-sharing service Uber has been hit by various controversies lately, but now things have gone even worse for the company: A security researcher made a worrying discovery this week and claims, “Uber’s app is literally malware.”

The ride-hailing company is in disputes of handling privacy of its customers data. A Phoenix-based security researcher Joe Giron found that a surprising amount of users’ data is being collected by the company’s mobile application for Android.

It really seems strange and unnecessary to collect access to the camera, phone calls, Wi-Fi, accounts….


How to Protect Your Privacy on Public WiFi Networks

So you’re at your favorite coffee shop and have hopped on to the free WiFi with your tablet to check your social networks, read the latest news, and maybe take a quick peek at your bank balance while you’re enjoying your latte. We’re so used to having Internet access whenever and wherever we need it that we don’t often stop to consider whether logging into a public network is safe.

There are three major ways these free, open hotspots could get you into trouble….